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masaza Massage

Massage is a return to inter-personal communication, and it needs to be filled with relaxing thoughts and relaxed muscles. During a massage, touch plays the most important role, so that with every hand movement, maximum effect is achieved. The skin and body are the greatest allies in this feat, and the team of professionals at Etno Village "Babici" will help you release all negative thoughts and let your feelings lead you in one direction- the direction of healing and relaxation.

body_line Body line

The electromuscle stimulator Body Line 8L is the right way to achieve excellent results in eliminating cellulite, firming skin and muscles, and reducing body weight. The greatest advantage of electrostimulation is the controllled reduction of body fat which in turn strengths muscle tone and tightens skin, allowing the body to reshape and skin to attain a younger look.

sauna Sauna

In the intimate atmosphere of the wellness, you can choose the Finnish sauna to improve circulation and add to your quality of health. More than 1000 years ago the Finnish began building small wooden rooms which they ysed to conserve meat and fish. Then they realized that the rooms had an incredible effect on everything that was put inside, and that by going inside they too became prettier, healthier more relaxed and satisfied.

rimsko_kupatilo Roman bath

Are you stressed, do not have time for yourself, and always finding reasons to avoid peace and relaxation? Did you know that the relaxing effect of water has been noted since the ancient times? If people back then knew to relax and enjoy the opportunities of this treasure, then there is no reason why you shouldn't do the same but in an even nicer and modern way. Wellness centers all over the world, and close to home such as ours at Ento Village "Babici" offer only the best for the body and mind. Our interior irresistably resembles acient roman baths. Warm water in the pool with bubbles, relaxing and warm atmosphere are some of the trumps of this center of health and beauty. We believe that a visit to the wellness will be a very special and pleasant experience, something to enrich and embellish your life...

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Mob: + 387 61 183086
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