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Physical Therapy
vacum Vaccum

Vaccum falls into the family of microprocessor-run machines for vaccum therapy.

The utilisation of vaccum therapy increases circulation and can be used in combination with interferential or diadinamic currents, using two or four vaccum electrodes. Special electrodes have been designed for cellulite treatment.


Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound uses ultrasound energy to heal. Its thermal and nonthermal effects are used based on the manner of operation: continuated or impulsive therapeutic ultrasound. Ultrasound is often used in physical therapy with various disfunctions of the soft tissue including joints, inflamed tendons, back pain, strains, sports injuries....

tens Tens

This is another mean of relaxation. "TENS" is Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and one of the most efficient methods in fighting pain.This therapy allows the pacient to control acute and chronic pain, and in turn lowering the use of pain medication.

magnet Magnet
Magent therapy is widley used in physical medicine because its advantage is a very small number of contraindications. Magnets work in the manner that they speed up the metabolism and produce more oxygen in the blood, working as a pain reliever and having anti-inflammatory effects. Magnet therapy gives excellent results in helping bones to heal, decrease osteoperosis and increase blood flow through tissue.
laser Laser

Laser has been used in medicine for many years now and is unavoidable when it comes to looking good. Today lasers are used in a variety of ways, in medical and physical therapy. Laser therapy stimulates the synthesis of collagen, speeding up healing of scars, reducing pain and swelling, decreasing scar tissue and has a warming effect working positively on the immune system.

galvanizacija Galvanisation

The galvanisation process involves using low frequency, constant currents with electrodes in the therapeutic process. In this therapy, currents that enter the skin stimulates nerve endings, giving the patient a feeling of light and pleasureful tingling, and not pain.

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