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The Sports Recreation center "Rostovo" was opened in 1984 for the needs of the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo and is located at 1160 meters above sea level.After the Onlympics, it was used mainly as a winter retreat and recreation center for various athletes and sports clubs. Among the frequent guests those years were the soccer players of the Split Hajduk team and the Iskre from Bugojno.


The center was renovated in 2006 and began operating soley during the winter period. In 2008 we enriched our sports and recreation services to offer a hiking trail, biking trail (mountain bikes can be rented at the hotel), and horseback riding. Outside of the hotel are tennis courts which are covered and heated during the winter for our guests to enjoy. For sports teams and individual groups we offer the sports hall which is heated during the winter for indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, and handball.


We have built an etno village which has accommodation for 60 persons. The village offers insight into the past, tools and equipment used by our ancestors.

The area of Rostovo, clean air and untouched nature is known by people as an "Air Spa" which is aided by cases of people healing by just spending time on Rostovo.

From 1991-2006 the center was closed due to political issues in the former Jugoslavija.

The Center was re-opened in 2006 when it was renovated according to European standards. It is intented for enjoyment in winter sports, but also for relaxation year round.


The hotel interior was newly renovated in 2008 and an additional winter garden with a fountain and fireplace was built, increasing the restaurant seating capacity and making it suitable for weddings and other celebrations.

Rostovo bb, 70230 Bugojno
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Fax: + 387 30 290 212
Mob: + 387 61 183086
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